About Karen Johnson


Vitalizing the awe-inspiring work of human service professionals, Karen Johnson, MSW, LCSW, is a critical partner to leadership, staff, community members and those who receive services. As the principal of Trauma-Informed Lens Consulting, she brings advancing science around adversity and resilience to the complex challenges we face, partnering to answer the question: “How do we build resilience in the face of so much trauma and adversity?” Using her 26 years of experience in behavioral health and trauma-informed approaches, she infuses hope and connection into every client engagement, moving organizations and individuals forward in their healing journey. 

Ms. Johnson’s vision for Trauma-Informed Lens Consulting emerged from over 5 years as the director of trauma-informed services for the National Council for Behavioral Health in Washington D.C. and 19 years in behavioral health, community services, and child welfare at SaintA in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

As a parent of an adult child experiencing mental health challenges, her professional and personal experiences merge together to bring a distinct perspective.  She is passionate to heighten awareness of the impact and prevalence of trauma and looks forward to assist partners in launching and sustaining complex, culturally-sensitive, trauma-informed organizational change.